New York Fries


Making perfect fries EVERY TIME is what sets us apart from others. New York Fries are hand cut, skins on, FRESH throughout everyday. We use the best potatoes money can buy. No heat lamps, no short cuts, every cup cooked fresh right when you order. Our unique 3 stage cooking process, using a patented trans-fat free sunflower oil, seals in all fabulous flavour and nutrients only top quality potatoes can give. When you are going to have fries, they have to be NEW YORK FRIES!


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    Warm Up with NYF’s Delicious Beef Chili

    Feb 09-Mar 31

    New - Chili Poutine and Chili Cheese Fries at New York Fries!

    Now there are 2 new ways to enjoy NYF's beef chili: as a poutine, with our real Quebec cheese curds, or as Chili Fries with cheese sauce and sour cream. Either way it's a game changer!

New York Fries
New York Fries


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